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Mary Marcotte


Grow Your Garden  (14" x 18")

Raw-Edge Applique' Workshop beginner to advanced; domestic machine

This beautiful wall-hanging is a fun way to learn about raw-edge applique. The gorgeous garden scene will be uniquely your own despite using the same patterns as other students because you choose the colors and locations of the pattern pieces.   

You’ll learn techniques for using Steam-a-Seam 2 fabric adhesive to create quilts that are uniquely your own. You will “grow” your flower garden using the stems, leaves, and petal patterns in your pattern kit. Though you may not get through all of the patterns, you’ll learn how to apply the theories of creating a variety of flowers, then let your imagination blossom.

Original pattern ($5.00) required; purchased from me before class.

You Will Learn:

  • 1.    basics of applique—how to apply and use (Steam-a-Seam) adhesive
  • 2.    order of applique—farthest to nearest design
  • 3.    color theory and odd numbers concerning flowers
  • 4.    using pattern pieces to create stems, leaves, and a variety of flowers
  • 5.    using zigzag and decorative stitches in applique

Crazy Log Cabins  (48" x 48")

Improve Piecing Workshop beginner to advanced

This beautiful wall-hanging or lap quilt is a fun way to try your hand at piecing using improv techniques. You can choose from quarter log cabins or whole log cabins and create own unique design, despite using the same techniques as other students.

This is an enjoyable class that will show you how to use improv piecing without stress. The well-known log cabin block lends itself to fast, easy piecing so that you can achieve your improv goals while creating blocks you are familiar with.

You Will Learn:

  • 1.    color theory
  • 2.    modern traditionalism--using familiar blocks to create and learn more in-depth techniques
  • 3.    negative space and color spacing
  • 4.    quilting motifs for modern quilts
  • 5.    improv quilting on your domestic machine

Almost in Church—Stained Glass  (18" x 18")

Stained Glass workshop beginner to advanced

This beautiful table topper or wall-hanging is a fun way to learn how to create lovely stained glass in fabric. The gorgeous window scene will be uniquely your own because you choose which colors to use, cut the fabrics into gentle shapes, and arrange them to suit your aesthetic.

You’ll learn techniques on color theory, freehand rotary cutting, stippling, and using bias tape.

You Will Learn:

  • 1.    order of applique—farthest to nearest design
  • 2.    color theory
  • 3.    using fabric in a pleasing aesthetic to create stained glass
  • 4.    stippling in quilting
  • 5.    bias theory

Contact Information:

Address: 316 Goudeau Street 

                 Evergreen, LA. 71333

Phone: 318-240-4399

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