Traveling Teacher

GSQA's Traveling Teacher program is traditionally scheduled for the year when there is no Seminar program; this offers the opportunity for GSQA Affiliated Guild members to have access to an acclaimed teacher and provide a cost-effective workshop for their members. GSQA pays the travel expenses for the teacher to fly or drive to the Gulf Coast and now includes a stipend towards a rental car.  Each hosting GSQA Affiliated Guild is responsible for providing lodging and food to the teacher and to also pay her workshop fee. Being coordinated by a program manager, a very small member guild can host a very expensive teacher with confidence that all the seats will be filled and no money will be lost for the small guild's venture.
The Traveling Teacher program is also considered a GSQA Member benefit. This means that to participate in a workshop, a person must either be a current member of GSQA,  join GSQA  during registration, or pay an additional non-member fee of $20 for the workshop over and above the guild’s established price for the class. This non-member fee is submitted by the Affiliated Guild Class Liaison back to the GSQA treasury to help offset the cost of the teacher’s travel expenses.
List of GSQA Traveling Teachers
2010 -  Karen Stone
2012 - Susan Cleveland
2014 - Judy Niemeyer
2016 - Melinda Bula
2018 - Gail Garber
2020 - Gyleen Fitzgerald

Announcing the 2020 Traveling Teacher  - Gyleen Fitzgerald of Colourful Stitches

Gyleen Fitzgerald