Education Opportunities

A message from Cena Harmon regarding the Traveling Teacher:

Hi everyone,

Wasn’t Gail Garber wonderful?!? She had a total of 155 students in 8 classes stretching between Baton Rouge and Pensacola (with a northern detour to Jackson.) and lectured to over 280 people. What a great resource for the members of GSQA!

So, now what? Well, there is room for input from you regarding who you want for 2020. I have some ideas, but I would like input from you. Think of a teacher you have WANTED to take from for years but just cannot afford - what about domestic machine quilting? Thread painting? Applique? Finishing techniques? Transferring pictures to quilts? I need you to send me your requests for a traveling teacher by September 2018. Yes, September 2018. It often takes a couple of years to get the teacher you want, and I will need to act quickly in the fall to get it underway!

Thanks in advance.