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April Hollifield


We will start with basic knowledge of collage art and color use.  We will then begin by learning how to use a pattern.

  • Transferring the pattern to the fabric.
  • Where to start, top, bottom, middle or background.
  • How to us color to add dimension.
  • fine tuning your design.
  • adhering to the fabric.
  • additional steps before quilting

You will have a choice of one of the 4 designs to do in class.

If the crab is chosen everyone in class will do the crab.

I will send out the information on the patterns to you when the class is booked. Along with a simple supply list.

Lets have fun creating beautiful pictures!

Pattern is to be purchased at class.



Having fun with paints and inks on fabric! This Class has a kit fee of $35 which includes all paint needed for class and fabric squares with batting and backing.

We will create 3 blocks, using 3 types of paint.  Several designs for you to choose from. Remember to bring an apron or old shirt, this is permanent and will not come out of your clothes.

The class will teach you how to apply the inks. How to blend and shadow your designs.

Types of paints and inks we will use are, Inktense Pencils, Liquid Ink, and Acrylic

THE KIT , Includes everything

    • Fabric
    • 3 designs
    • Brushes
    • Ink- (liquid form)
    • Inktense - Pencils and blocks
    • Acrylic paint
    • Medium

You must bring your sewing machine and related items (thread, scissors.....)

a supply list will be sent out upon registration of class.

You will be able to design all three blocks and have enough to take home and play on some of your blocks.

Looking forward to having fun with your Guild, contact me for more information

April Holifield


 example of three blocks

Contact Information

Phone: (601) 590-1199




A fun class to think out of the box

in class we will make a quarter of the flower in the color you would choice. a pattern is used for $5 but we will not cut everything with the pattern this is a class for you to think different to be creative and make choices that you would not do with a traditional pattern. it is fun and freeing. join me in resetting your brain in a fun way. 

contact me for more information.


Phone:  601-590-1199

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