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Scrappy Strings Stars
Your choice of 5" or 8" block version
Details for each below.

String Stars Option 1 - 8” block
Supplies needed:
Fabric: One yard white, various widths and length of scraps. Red, white and blue. No wider than 2". 7” template ordered from stash tools.com. 4 blocks will make one unit or Star. One Star will easily be completed in class, and probably more.
Normal sewing stuff; machine, thread, rotary cutter, long ruler, 9” square up ruler, (if you have one).etc. Foundation material (newsprint is preferable)
Sewing instructions will be given in class.
PRE-CLASS PREP. Bring plenty of red, white and blue scraps, that have been ironed

String Stars Option 2 - 5" blocks:
Fabric: 1/2 yd black or color of your choice. 4 blocks will make one unit or Star. Strips of various lengths and widths. 5” template ordered from stashtools.com. Ruler, rotary cutter, mat, machine, newsprint for foundation, etc. Strips should be ironed.

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You can never have too many scraps

May I suggest a way to use them.
This picture is a good example. Made from scraps and
sewn on foundation paper. The quilt is made of 8” blocks sewn on the diagonal. The arrangement is 5 blocks across and 6 down, a good contrast border, and a piano key outer border.
Normal sewing supplies plus foundation paper is all that is needed.

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