Annual Chapter Affiliation Form

Please print below the names of ALL guild members who are current GSQA members. THERE MUST BE AT LEAST FIVE (5) CURRENT GSQA MEMBERS IN YOUR GUILD!

Every year, as the Chapter Contact person for this guild, I agree to submit to the GSQA Membership Director an updated copy of this Annual Chapter Affiliation Form, in order to maintain my guild’s association with GSQA. I will submit this form to the director at the April General Membership meeting or I will send it by mail to the director no later than May 1st of each year.

A chapter list is published each year in the July Quilt Talk and is also posted on the GSQA website. The membership director relies on information provided by each guild to keep this list current. If the number of current GSQA members in your guild drops below five, we ask that you notify the Membership Director of this situation, so that the director can remove your guild’s name from our Chapter List. Thank You.

Mary Ann Caruso, GSQA Membership Director, 212 Maple Ridge Drive Metairie, LA. 70001