Board of Directors

Alesia M Williams, Ph.D

Lori C. Steib

Recording Secretary
Connie O. Day

Gaye Smith

Traveling Teachers

Cena M. Harmon

Seminar Director
Margie Bumm

Quilt Show Director
Robben H. Karr

Pursuit of Excellence

Paula A. Mathews

Past President
Roberta Wilson

Circuit Teacher
Glenda A. Copeland

Ways & Means
Charlene L. Berry

Program Director
Therese C. Springer

Media Director

Mary Ann Caruso

Media Director
Lori C. Steib

Judy C. Walker

Membership Director

Mary Ann Caruso

Retreat Coordinator
Cindy A. Champagne

Marion Maerke Scholarship Award
Candy G. Bergeron

Newsletter Editor

Michelle DeLima

Publicity Director
Nancy F Habisreitinger