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Opportunity Quilt Raffle Drawing Friday 10-30-2020


Opportunity Quilt Raffle Drawing Announced

The drawing for Enchantment, the GSQA Opportunity Quilt, will be held at Momma’s Quilt Shop, 15111 Catfish Farm Road, Independence, LA at 1PM, Friday, October 30, 2020. Anyone interested in viewing the drawing is invited to attend and the drawing will also be streamed live on Facebook.

The deadline for purchasing raffle tickets by mail is October 23. Mail a check, made out to GSQA for the number of tickets you want, and a self-addressed stamped envelope to Candy Bergeron, 14009 Mill Settlement Trace, Port Vincent, LA 70726. Candy will fill out the ticket stubs and mail the ticket receipts to you. Last minute ticket purchases can be made in person at Mama’s prior to the drawing.


GSQA 2020 Rosebud Raffle Rules

GSQA Rosebud Gift Baskets Raffle, October 31, 2020

GSQA will hold a virtual remote Raffle of the Rosebud Luncheon Gift Baskets and other items graciously donated by many members and guilds through live streaming on its GSQA Facebook page at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, October 31, 2020. GSQA, through its co-chairs of the Raffle, Laura Broders and Susie VanderKuy, provides the participation rules, as follows:

Photos and a video of the Gift Baskets/Items and a corresponding Descriptive List may be viewed on the GSQA website  <    >. In addition, a video of the Gift Baskets/Items may be viewed on the GSQA Facebook page.

Members must submit their Raffle Ticket(s) clearly marked with the number of the Basket/Item desired to be won to Laura Broders, 1122 Eleonore Street, New Orleans, LA 70115, to be received no later than October 26, 2020.

Laura and Susie will be responsible for placing Raffle Tickets as marked in the vases corresponding with the Gift Basket/Item. The vases will be placed near the Baskets so that members will be able to view the selection of the “winning” Raffle Tickets as they are drawn.

Susie and Laura will notify by phone the Holder of the winning Raffle Ticket so that the winning items may be picked up/delivered, as possible, to the Winner.

Raffle tickets will be available for sale at 1/$1.00 or 6/$5.00 with a check made payable to GSQA, along with a SASE to: Laura Broders, 1122 Eleonore Street, New Orleans, LA 70115. Payment for sale of tickets must be received by Laura before October 1, 2020, for the tickets to be mailed to requesting member in time to return Raffle tickets marked with Basket desired to be won.

Thank you very much for participating in our first-ever live-stream Raffle!


GSQA 2020 Rosebud Raffle Basket Descriptions

Rosebud Gift Baskets Raffle


  1. Vera Bradley Bag:                                               Margie Bumm                                     $ 129.00


  1. “Ruler Safe”, An extremely light weight, hard sided, foam lined case

               designed specifically for quilters to hold multiple quilt rulers up to

               the 8-1/2in x 24-1/2in ruler. ... When closed, the foam compresses

               around the rulers to keep them from shifting.                                   


                                                                                        Gaye Smith                                                          70.00


  1. Big Basket of Books : The Big Book of series (6) and Perfect Qults for Precut Fabrics


                                                                                    Lucy DeHarde                                             200.00


  1. Perfume Gift Basket: lovely assortment

                                                                                   Robben Karr                                        180.00

  1. Free Quilting Gift Certificate  (maximum: 62” x 72”)                 

                                                                                 Robben Karr                                          178.00

  1. Basket of Books/Free Spirit fabrics:  My Stars series; and iron      

                                                                            Lucy DeHarde                                              225.00

  1. Gustav Klimt Gift Basket (2 jelly rolls and 2 charm packs)

                                                                            Michelle DeLima                                          60.00

  1. Gargantuan Gift Basket: assortment of must have quilting tools; books and more

                                                                            Queen Bees Quilt Guild                              250.00

  1.      Wool mat traveling ironing pad; iron and fun t-shirt (Lg/runs small)  

                                                                           Bay Oaks Quilt Guild                                   55.00

  1. Jelly Roll (5) Tower: Kaufman, Moda, Maywood, and Northwoods

                                                                           Lucy DeHarde                                             200.00

  1. Totally Tulips ((4) 10” x 10”) pack: Benartex and others             

                                                                            Lucy DeHarde                                           160.00

  1. Burgundy Blush ((4) 10” x 10”) pack: Maywood           

                                                                            Lucy DeHarde                                            160.00

  1. Batik - themed basket: yardage, fat quarters and more of gorgeous assortment of batiks; books: Focus on Batiks: Traditional Quilts in Fun Fabrics, Jan Bode Smiley, and Strip Therapy 6: Bali Pop (TM) Fascination, Brenda Henning.

                                                                             Stitchy Fingers Quilt Guild                      170.00

  1. Appliqué - themed basket: Laurel Burch fabric and more; assortment of appliqué books (Mary Lou Weidman and others); Jean Wells’ Journey to Inspired Art Quilting; “Your Nest Organizer”; Kikkerland “Cat Butt Magnets”.

                                                                             Stitchy Fingers Quilt Guild                      160.00

  1. Machine-quilting - themed basket: Warm (R) Company 100% Cotton queen batting; assortment of quilting books (Diane Gaudynski, Harriet Hargrave, Susan Stewart, Nancy Hinds, Anne Bright) and more; “Quilt Show” Boardgame (Judy Martin and Steve Bennett; “Mary Ellen’s Best Press” starch and sizing; acrylic organizing cups; and quilt storage work in progress bag.

                                                                            Stitchy Fingers Quilt Guild                       175.00

  1. Borders and Bindings - themed basket: assortment of books (Judy Martin and Marsha McCloskey; Sally Collins, Harriet Hargrave, Carrie Hargrave, Caroline Rodrigues, and others); “Olfa” QR-6”x12” acrylic ruler; “Creative Grids” 6 1/2” x 2 1/2” acrylic ruler.

                                                                            Stitchy Fingers Quilt Guild                         95.00

  1. Flying geese, stars and triangles - themed basket: assortment of books (Gail Garber, Stellar Journeys: Flying Geese and Star Quilts; Baskets: New Quilts From an Old Favorite , ed. Linda Baxter Lasco; Pineapple Passion, Nancy Smith and Lynda Milligan; and more); “Eleanor Burns: Jumbo Geese Ruler/ two geese acrylic ruler set”; “Creative Grids: 60 degree Triangle [12” finished size] and Strip Off @ 60” acrylic rulers.

                                                                            Stitchy Fingers Quilt Guild                         110.00

  1. Memory art - themed basket: assortment of books (Creating Scrapbook Quilts, Ami Simms; Family Keepsake Quilts, Vivian Howell Ritter; Art Ancentry, Karen Foster; and more, Scrappy Hooked Rugs: Making the Most of the Wool in Your Stash, Bea Brock; Pretty Little Things, Sally Jean Alexander).

                                                                       Stitchy Fingers Quilt Guild                            75.00

  1. Hardback book: Kaffe Fassett Quilts: Shots and Stripes, Kaffe Fassett and Liza Prior Lucy; and soft—cover book: Stripology Squared, Gudrun Erla.

                                                                  Stichy Fingers Quilt Guild                                  50.00

  1. Five beautiful wooden interior design wall decor buttons: (1) 11 1/4” diameter; (2) 8 1/2” diameter; (2) 5 3/4” diameter.

                                                                 Stitchy Fingers Quilt Guild                                  45.00

  1. Grace Company wood quilting frame for hand quilting (60” W x 21” D x 40” H): beautiful

                                                                 Dan LeBlanc                                                            225.00

  1. Skip the Borders, assorted fabric from MesAmis

                                                                 Stitchin’ Sistas Quilt Guild                                  150.00

  1. Fons and Porter’s “Love of Quilting” DVD series (15)

                                                                  Susie VanderKuy                                                  150.00

  1. Black metal quilt rack (31” x 36”) (quilt not included)                                                            

                                                                   Debbie Hyman                                                      50.00

  1. Black metal quilt rack (31” x 36) (quilt not included)                                                              

                                                                   Debbie Hyman                                                      50.00

  1. Wood Quilting frame for hand quilting (110” poles; 24” (D))

                   (to be picked up from Abita Springs, LA)

                                                                             Yvette McGee                                                                         250.00




GSQA 2020 Quilt Show Cancellation

To: Gulf States Quilting Association Members

It is with deep sadness that we must, at this time, announce the cancellation of Gulf States Quilting Association 2020 Quilt Show, on November 6 & 7, 2020.

We feel that we cannot ensure the safety and well-being of our guests and all others involved and the health and well-being of our membership is of paramount concern.

While we will not have the quilt show as planned, we do have some fun ideas in store. We are planning a virtual raffle of the Rosebud Baskets tentatively on October 31,2020.  If you would like to order raffle tickets for this event, you may contact Laura Broders, 1122 Eleonore St, New Orleans, La. 70115, ([email protected]). The tickets are $1.00  apiece and 6 for $5.00.  Please include a check for the total amount plus a stamped self-addressed envelope, no later than October 1,2020.  All baskets will be posted online and numbered. Please include the number of tickets you want to be placed in the vase for any prize that you are interested in. If you have already purchased raffle tickets, the white tickets, please return them to Laura at the address above indicating how many tickets you want in each vase. We will be offering refunds for the Luncheon Tickets, the Blue tickets, please return them to Laura, again at the address above, and include a self-addressed stamped envelope.  If you would like to consider your purchase to be used as a donation to offset the cost of the quilt show, it will be very much appreciated.

We will also raffle the Opportunity Quilt virtually. The day and time will be announced very shortly.  You may still purchase tickets by contacting Candy Bergeron, 14009 Mill Settlement Trace, Port Vincent, La. 70726. Tickets are $1.00 apiece. Please include a check for the total amount, your contact information and a Stamped Self Addressed envelope. Candy will fill out the stubs and return your ticket stubs to you.  Please have all orders in by October 1,2020.  We cannot offer refunds on Opportunity Quilt tickets.

All quilts made for the Charity Quilt Give Away, will be distributed to deserving charities. We will make that announcement as soon as we have things finalized.

Because the decision to cancel was made by the Board of Directors, quilt registration is  usually nonrefundable, we are offering refunds on quilt registration fees.  If you would like a refund please contact Joel Sellers at [email protected]. If you would like to consider your registration fee a donation to offset the cost of the Quilt Show, GSQA would very much appreciate it. We cannot however roll your registration fee over to the next show.

We will be announcing some temporary changes in the registration rules for the 2022 quilt show to accommodate some of the wonderful quilts that were registered for Quilt Show 2020.

While we know that this decision is very disappointing to all, it was the only one what we felt would ensure the well-being of our membership.  It is time to start working on GSQA Quilt Show 2022 and put the past behind us.  We will all do our best to make the 2022 show as wonderful as the 2020 show was going to be and I am sure it will be. Start getting those gorgeous quilts ready and we will all have a great time in 2022.

Robben Karr, GSQA 2020 Quilt Show “Enchantment” director

[email protected]

Lori Steib   GSQA President

[email protected]