Marion Maerke Scholarship

The purpose of this scholarship is to promote and encourage quilters to further their knowledge of techniques, skills of craftsmanship and development of ideas. It is the highest honor awarded by GSQA and indicates active participation in quilting, as well as stimulating and encouraging others in all things relating to quilts and quilt making. This award also reflects volunteer services to the quilt chapter, quilting organizations and projects that benefit the community. The recipient will receive a full scholarship (room, board and classes during seminar) for the upcoming seminar. The scholarship is awarded every year with the winner in the "even" year using it at the following year's seminar. Therefore, there will be two Marion Maerke Scholarship Winners at every Seminar since it is only held in odd numbered years.

Congratulations to Renee Hoeprich, the Marion Maerke Scholarship Recipient, and Laura Broders, the Alternate!

Thank you Wasted Women Bee of Baton Rouge and Stitchy Fingers of New Orleans for nominating these outstanding members for 2019.

Past Scholarship Recipients:

1994 Peggy Peacock
1995 Nancy Hinds
1996 - Linda Wiggins
1997 Sarah Kemp
1998 Charlotte Jackson
1999 Yvette Magee
2000 Vera Honea
2001 Noreen Mazzarappi
2002 Paula McKenna
2003 Meredith Campanella
2004 Joan LeBlanc
2005 Kathy Ayme
2006 Dottie Burkhardt
2007 Mary Gillette
2008 Barbara Skinner
2009 Joyce Reed
2010 Georgia Farnet
2011 Jane Ramee
2012 Ilaine Hartman
2013 Elizabeth Linebrink
2014 Janet Bailey
2015 Donna Downing
2016 Laura Robertson
2017 Daniel LeBlanc
2018 Cindy Baucum
2019 Loretta Robert Webre
2020 Renee Hoeprich


Guilds may select and nominate one of their members for this scholarship award by submitting a nominating letter signed by two guild officers. A letter may be written and signed by two GSQA members if the nominee is a member-at-large.
Selecting a Candidate: The quilter must be an active member of good standing in GSQA for a minimum of two years prior to nomination. Current GSQA Board members and current members of the Marion Maerke Scholarship Committee may not be nominated or submit nominations. Previous winners of the award are not eligible, but alternate winners are still eligible to be nominated. Nominee should reflect many of the characteristics mentioned in the above paragraph. Nominee must be aware of and accept the nomination, agree to mail his/her information to the Marion Maerke Scholarship Committee prior to the deadline date.

Nominating Letter including the guild's choice of candidate should include:

  • Name and address of the guild

  • Name and address of the nominee

  • Number of years nominee has been active in the guild

  • Description of participation of the nominee in guild activities, including offices held and other leadership roles

  • Why the member was selected as nominee

  • How you think this nominee will share the experiences, skills and knowledge gained by this scholarship with other

  • Members in your guild and with quilters who are not members of your guild.


Both parts I and II of the form (no email, please) should be mailed so that it is received by the Scholarship Committee by July 31, 2020.

Mail to:

Marion Maerke Scholarship Committee
Candy Bergeron
14009 Mill Settlement Trace
Port Vincent, LA 70726

Nomination Form