Circuit Teachers

"The term circuit refers to an early american Methodist plan of multiple meeting places called circuits requiring an itinerating force of preachers. The circuit preachers of long ago traveled light, carrying their belongings and books in saddlebags. Ranging far and wide through villages and wilderness, they preached daily or more often at any site available."

The GSQA Circuit Teacher Program is an innovative way of using the unique talents and skills represented among the members of GSQA. These outstanding quilters and the classes they teach are selected by the GSQA Board. Information if offered to the member guilds in April each year and continually updated on this website. Each member guild has the opportunity to select an approved circuit teacher to come to their area to teach the class. The Circuit Teacher Program objective is to provide continuing education in quilting to GSQA members and prospective members through travelling teachers.

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If your guild is interested in having a circuit teacher come to your area, simply return the completed Teacher Request Form to: 

Glenda Copeland,19 Gold Pt., Carriere, MS 39426, Phone: 601-590-0596

Additional Forms: 

Sheet

Evaluation Form of Guild/Class

Evaluation Form of the Teacher

Circuit Teacher Catalog

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Angie Madden

APril hollifield

Connie Ewbank

Marie Fuselier

Marilyn Rose

Mary Marcotte

Michael Young

Nancy Newman

Sherry Herringshaw