April Hollifield

Colorful Sunflowers

Wonders of color in nature are always inspiring? In this class we will make one fabric art block. 

Block size 18x22 block before trimming. This will be one forth of the flower that can be sed alone or with several others to make a larger design. Pattern is required $5.00.


Quilted Jacket

From a sweatshirt of a cotton dress shirt

Another thinking out of the box! By April Holifield

It looks like you worked so hard to make this incredible jacket! Let me tell you a secret its very easy to make. To make this jacket you start with a sweatshirt of a cotton dress shirt. 

You may buy yardage or use scraps or a jellyroll. The possibilities are limited to your imagination. So many choices to use, you will want to make several. Find your favorite fabric, go with a theme, you can use small panels and orphan blocks. This jacket is beautiful with just fabric, but you can embellish it with just about anything. Lace, buttons, patches or anything your imagination can come up with. This class is for all levels, it is fun and stress free! You will leave with something to warm you up or a gift to share the warmth. 


2 sizes larger – a sweatshirt or cotton dress shirt

Fabric – approximately 3 yards of miscellaneous colors and print. You may use jelly rolls, scraps, fat quarters, panels, small collage, UFO blocks or anything you have. 

Optional – embellishments

Sewing machine with all your goodies. (extension cord, attachments, extra items for your machine that you usually bring to workshops)

Thread and bobbins

Cutting tools (rotary with mat or scissors)

Pins or clips


Fun with Fishing Lures (a Table Runner 17 x 43 Finished size)

Let's have fun making souething special for the fisherman in our life. We will make something a little different from traditional quilting, a table runner full of fishing lures! While learning techniques of collage, decorative stitching, and quilting, it will be "Time to think out of the box" (my favortie saying). Class will start with a short discussion on how I create my projects and why I use these items. We will briefly talk about the importance of color and value, along with a few simple tips to help make it easy. We will then start having fun with the pattern and developing your own personal creation. Playing with your fabrics during this project is always a fun, creative time. After this is complete, we will have a discussion on securing the fabrics in preperation for decorative stitching. Our final steps will be putting borders, quilting, and binding to finish your personal table runner for the fisherman in your life. Come join in for a fun, relaxing class! Cost of pattern is $10.00.

NOTE: Depending on the class time, you may not complete the quilting part of your table runner. Instead we will end with a discussion on options of how to quilt it on your own. 

Level - Beginner to Advanced

Techniques - Collage, Decorative Stitching, Basic Quilting

Supplies for class

Glue (white water base or glue stick)

Marker or chalk (disappears)


Scissors (fabric and paper)

Several colors of thread and bobbins to match (bright colors are nice to use)

Your sewing machine and accessories you use with it (extension cord)

Optional: a design board of a piece of form packing


Bright colors of fabric can all be scraps 2 inches or larger (for lures)

Pieces of red and white in a few shades for stoppers

Background fabric - 3 squares 11 x 11 inches any color you would like

Borders - one - 2 1/2 inch strip, Two - 3 1/2 x 17 1/2 inch strips, Two - 3 1/2 x 44 inch strips

Batting - larger than finish size of 18 x 44

Backing fabric - larger than finished size 18 x 44

Binding - 130 inches


Contact Information

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