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Marie Fuselier


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Dancing With Dresdens

This beautiful quilt is a fun introduction to the Dresden Plate quilt block. You will learn an easy technique to make a beautiful Dresden Plate quilt block with perfect points!
Next, you will learn two variations of the Dresden Plate quilt block. The Snowflake Dresden and Vortex Dresden blocks are both impressive and easy to sew. All blocks are made using the Easy Dresden Set by EZ Quilting which includes the ruler and creaser.
The original setting will complete your stunning Dancing With Dresdens quilt.
Your quilt can be be made in Red and White or any color combination desired.
Original Pattern required for $5.00. 

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Sewing Machine Wrapmat
Protect your sewing machine with this quilted or padded cover that converts to a sewing mat with pockets. The clear vinyl pockets provide easy visibility of your sewing tools. You will also learn a super easy method to sew on a zipper. Tips are included for both techniques.
Quilt your own fabric or use pre-quilted the fabric. If preferred, you can place fleece between the fabric layers instead of quilting.
Original Pattern required for $5.00

BONUS Pattern!! Sign up for the Sewing Machine WrapMat class in 2018 and receive the free Pin Cushion & Scrap Bag pattern. A brief "how to" demonstration will be given in class.

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