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Connie Ewbank

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Friend's Choice
Learn to use the tri-recs ruler to make the blocks for this quilt. Or you can use Deb Tucker's V-block ruler. The quilt is made with only two different blocks, but both use the same units. The secondary pattern created when the blocks are put together makes this an interesting quilt. Pattern is required for $5.

Cut the Cake
Have you ever bought a layer cake fabric package then didn't know what to do with it? This quilt is your answer. The quick and easy technique used makes this one fun to make. Pattern required for $5. The pattern includes 6 other layouts for the blocks made in the class.

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Disappearing Blocks Row Quilt
Each of the 6 rows in this quilt is made with a different disappearing block. You can start with a four patch, nine patch or half square triangle blocks, slice and flip, and end up with a totally different square. Each block could be used to make a nice individual quilt, or keep this one as a sampler of some disappearing blocks. Pattern required for $5.

Into The Woods
Selected piecing of the strips that make this block form a pattern of tessellating trees. The trees can be seen right side up and upside down! Blocks can be made of scraps, or single fabrics for a nice quilt. Precise cutting and piecing make this one fit together well. Pattern required $5.

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Learn to do curved piecing easily with these 7" drunkard's path blocks. The quilt can be make with smaller blocks if you wish, but it will take more blocks. It's a fun quilt to play with a layout of your choosing.  Pattern required $5.